Talent acquisition

At Alhyant, we understand the importance our Clients place in working with industry experts who can contribute to find a hidden talent for a challenging position, and to engage with outstanding Candidates on a local and international level.


We Know Your Business

In the battle for talent, Companies want to be able to speak to people who know their business and market. There is no time to educate consultants.

We have covered executive positions and managerial roles in the industry, so we understand all concerns and are aware of challenges on global and local scale.

The Ideal Candidate 

We love to sit down with you, to understand the insights of your Company and the management team.

We work with you to define the ideal Candidate’s competencies, personality traits, and behavioral characteristics.


Search Experience

We personally engage with target candidates to identify those who are prepared to meet your needs.

Our Researchers, who simultaneously run your requirements through relevant markets, are connected to you via our proprietary talent gate – One.App by Kilpatrick – where you’ll experience a whole new way of understanding the market.


Building Connections

Our Marketing Team will sell the Position our Client is recruiting for to those Candidates who represent the right fit.

We take part to the most important industry events across the globe, where we network with industry leaders and decision makers that could join your team one day.


Executive search 

At Kilpatrick, we know better than anyone just what great leaders can do. Each search commitment is customized to meet the specific objectives and needs of our clients.

Discover more at Kilpatrick Executive.


Digital empowered search experience

We’re deeply focused on people-digital transformation. We do this by helping clients who are engaged in embracing digital opportunities, to secure and develop capabilities, processes and programs enabling digital strategy


Human Capital Development

At Alhyant, we support people and organizations to find and fill the gaps that could prevent them from achieving the strategic results they have set for themselves.



Through our assessment process, we help our Client evaluate the skills of their management team, in terms of behaviors, competences and emotional intelligence, and measure them against their current strategy.

This is particularly important in case of a disruption, such as Covid-19, a faster pace of the Organization, a change, a new challenge.



We help leaders to gain a basic familiarity with, and experience of, coaching with our professional coaching models, explore coaching skills and mind-set, and apply coaching as a core development tool.


Do It With The Right Tools

Our professionally certified assessors use diagnostic tools (DISC Persolog, HOGAN, Thomas International) aimed at evaluating the specific attitudes and behavioral traits Client wish to spot, measure the current status and the gaps to be filled against what’s needed today.

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