Kilpatrick Approach To Aviation Leadership During The Pandemic – 2020 Events

ONLINE EVENTS AS A EXCLUSIVE STRATEGY TO SUCCESSFULLY CREATE NEW RELATIONS AND STAY IN TOUCH IN 2020.  by Sotiris Karagiozidis, International Client Director @ Kilpatrick,and Riccardo Coli, International Client Director @ Kilpatrick, in partnership with Aeropodium. 2020 will be remembered as the year that changed people’s lives globally and created […]

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People and Organizational Development in Unprecedented Times Vol. II

AVIATION LEADERS ROUNDTABLEby Sotiris Karagiozidis, International Client Director @ Kilpatrick, in partnership with Aeropodium. To share different perspectives with the industry, we invited industry experts from different parts of the world, covering different executive positions in different companies. We virtually hosted them around the same roundtable and asked them few […]

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Aviation Leadership Skills Have Changed!

by Jacob Hoekstra – Kilpatrick Global CEO What’s going on? “A global, novel virus that keeps us contained in our homes is reorienting our relation to the outside world, even to People, Businesses and Organizations. Crisis moments also present an opportunity: more sophisticated and flexible use of technologies, a revived […]

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MRO Middle East 2020-2024

by Pattie Zourzouki – Kilpatrick Aviation Middle East What Are We Expecting? The region is calling for aviation leaders, as unprecedented growth is expected.MRO industry in the Middle East is attracting operators, maintenance and training organizations, suppliers and service providers.Kilpatrick Aviation has recently met decision makers and discussed with them […]

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