Luis Angel Centeno, Client Manager, Alhyant and  Riccardo Coli, Head of Alhyant, Miami, FL, USA , May 31st 2021

Alhyant participant in AVIATION MRO 2021- A outlook for recovery

Alhyant, the aerospace, defense division of Kilpatrick Group, recently participated in MRO Americas 2021, in Orlando, FL, USA.

The event focuses on commercial aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), attracted more than 5.000 people attendees and 2.000 online, the two-days event gathered over 500 airline representatives, and 400 service providers, coming from 95 countries. 

The aviation world is expecting a slow recover from the pandemic, companies are trying to cautiously get back on their feet, and anticipant a robust recovery once most of the population is vaccinated. 


At MRO Americas 2021, the aviation and aerospace industry one of the most affected businesses during the pandemic – received a piece of welcoming news when leaders from the industry gathered once again for one of the leading MRO events in the Americas. 

Most of the speakers were live, though some participated by video. New partnerships and agreements were announced; conference sessions included the boom of the cargo market, MRO outlook, supply chain reinforcing business continuing measures, teardowns, and surplus projections as well as accelerating technologies. 

The event delivered insightful and innovative ideas that showed how the industry is moving towards a more digitalized world, such as the use of drone technology to inspect aircraft more effectively and efficiently than with a normal manual walk-around. 


MRO: Off-Set Opportunity

MRO services are an increasingly valuable part of a manufacturing business. These services can offset the impact of the crisis on the sale of equipment and generate new growth opportunities. 

Aerospace & Defense

As new sales may slump, the demand for MRO is likely to be driven by maintenance and service of existing aircraft fleet and defense equipment. Manufacturers and expanding their service offering to capture demand. Some companies are expecting to triple the revenues from MRO in the next decade. Some others are partnering with local and smaller local partners to expand their business services. 

Commercial Aerospace

The sector is threatened by a need for changing aircraft fleet mix, pressure on airlines to reduce maintenance costs, the emergence of new advanced technologies, and growth of next-gen vehicles. With new aircraft orders likely to be deferred, MRO for existing aircraft will become important. Several airline customers are looking to invest in setting up in-house MRO ops. 


Highly Qualified People 

As the workforce is aging, companies face stiff competition in getting qualified people for their MRO projects and initiatives, at every stage of the supply chain (OEM, T1, Etc.).

Increased Competition & Global Disruption

Major OEMs in the MRO space are intensifying competition for smaller players. COVID-19 and the economic downturn is expected to doom market demand in the near term.

Doing It Smarter, Right Now

Services powered by digital technologies could be a significant driver of revenues in the future. According to recent studies, approximately 65% of industry executives expressed high confidence in their potential. The proliferation of smart parts and products is opening opportunities for new digital service offerings.


Attracting The Right People For Your Business

As the number of successful leaders is limited in the MRO market, it’s crucial to target the right people, fast and efficiently.

Winning The Race For Talents

The MRO market is set to become one of the largest and fastest job-creating industries, where rules are generated by the availability of people.

Fast-Evolving Skills & Organizations

Skills and organizations needed to dominate the market are evolving rapidly, as the industry is increasingly moving towards automation and digitization.

Despite the number of highly skilled talents in the industry, the development of the MRO sector will require a substantial investment in new talents.


We Know The MRO Market 

We have been working, for over 25 years, in the civil and military sector, with commercial airlines, general aviation players, aerospace and defense organizations, with relevant experiences in adjacent industries (e.g. infrastructures, digital, etc.). We know the main players and the hidden champions that are changing the future. 

We Cover Global & Local Needs

We have 18 offices located on 4 different continents. We can help you to evaluate the highest potentials and find the right candidates for your current team, and measure them against your strategy in terms of behaviors, competencies, or emotional intelligence.

People Empower Technology

Through our certified professionals and tools, we provide and orchestrate enabling capabilities to exploit digitalization in HR processes, whilst strengthening and fastening digital programs through people-focused open innovation.


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by         Luis Angel Centeno, Client Manager, Alhyant

            Riccardo Coli, Head of Alhyant

            Miami, FL, USA

            May 31st 2021

Alhyant is a Kilpatrick Group Company, which has been in the global business for human capital development and talent acquisition since 1997.

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