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Alhyant integrates the aerospace and defence industry knowledge with the one of human resource. 


Powered by the Kilpatrick Group, Alhyant provides support in talent acquisition, human capital, personal and organizational development, people digital technologies. 


Operated by industry experts, human resource consultants, researchers and market analysts, Alhyant supports Clients and Candidates to onboard a unique Search Experience, which kicks off with the need for a new talent, or a new job, at executive level, and develops across key and vital steps of the personal and organizational development.

At Alhyant, we understand the importance our Clients place in working with industry experts who can contribute to find a hidden talent for a challenging position, and to engage with outstanding Candidates on a local and international level.


We Know Your Business

In the battle for talent, Companies want to be able to speak to people who know their business and market. There is no time to educate consultants.


We have covered executive positions and managerial roles in the industry, so we understand all concerns and are aware of challenges on global and local scale.


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At Alhyant, we support people and organizations to find and fill the gaps that could prevent them from achieving the strategic results they have set for themselves.



Through our assessment process, we help our Client evaluate the skills of their management team, in terms of behaviors, competences and emotional intelligence, and measure them against their current strategy.

This is particularly important in case of a disruption, such as Covid-19, a faster pace of the Organization, a change, a new challenge.


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We study each project carefully, and only accept the ones we can deliver. You won’t get disappointed from us; we maintain our commitment, and fully satisfy our Clients and Candidates about what we do and way we do it.


In all our projects, Senior Industry Experts highly contribute to the success by understanding the Client’s needs and internally working with our Team.


Client Managers, with proven experience in the industry and on similar projects, liaise with the Client to make sure all the needs are currently satisfied.


Consultants and Researchers, professionals with relevant experience in the market, are able to quickly connect to the relevant people needed and to their networks.


Intelligence is able to obtain in-depth market info and share them with the Client, so that strategic decisions can be made based on real market feedbacks, best practices and practical business cases.

We include Digital Technologies that are developed in-house so to support all processes.